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Spring has sprung!

Hey ladies! The Robin has arrived! It is spring!  The robin has always been a sign of hope for me, for new life. And that's when it's time to get out the garden tools. Are you planning a garden this spring? What do you plant in your garden? A good time to start your garden is the middle of May, if the threat of frost has passed. To prepare the ground, if you have sandy soil you will need to get some peat moss  or topsoil so that your garden will not dry out so fast. If you have very hard ground for your garden you might want to consider a raised garden and bring in a load of topsoil. For years I have planted a big garden. It was hard work but it has always energized me. It is such a joy to see the new growth and the fruit of your labor that you've put into it. Last year I did not have a garden and so I had to go pick blueberries for energy! This year I'm planning to kill my grass and plant a garden in my backyard. Planting a garden is even one way o