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Canning and Preserving

Preserving food is a very cost effective way to store up food for times when produce is not as plentiful. In the culture and society that we live in, canning and preserving our own food is not even a necessity like it used to be. We can buy pretty well any type of food we want at any time of year. If you have the privilege of being able to grow your own garden, then growing produce that can be canned and preserved for winter, can help cut the cost of buying certain groceries. Storing up excess produce from the garden if you have one, or even bulk from a local farm or farmers market, is a great way to be to feed your family better food during the winter at a lower cost. My husband has challenged me to try and only buy the type of produce that is available in season. I don’t think that I’m up for that challenge. I’ll admit it, I’m too spoiled. The part of the country that we live in, reminds me of a few Biblical accounts where storing up food was necessary. God gave Noah the