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I am sure we have all had expectations of how things are supposed to go, at some point or another.  Like, we expect our children to learn things at certain times. We expect our Tim Hortons coffee when we pull up to the drive through window, promptly.  We expect to come to church to be edified and have fellowship.  There could be many different expectations we have. I know most girls expect to have a boyfriend, get married and have babies, because, well...that's just what is supposed to happen. Some may think, sure there are girls who stay single and don’t get married, but surely that won't be me. I have a God-given desire for it, so why would it not happen? Ask me at the age of 18 what my thoughts were on that and I would have told you exactly that.  Fast forward to 11 years later and my "status" has not changed.  As I witnessed friend after friend get married, have babies and "move on" in their lives, I began to be discouraged wondering why it wasn’t