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Journey with a Special Needs Child

Growing up I always looked forward to the next season… I couldn’t wait to finish grade 6.. couldn’t wait to get to high school… couldn’t wait to get my drivers licence… couldn't wait to have a boyfriend… couldn’t wait to get married… couldn’t wait to have children…. When thinking about having children never once did I ever think what if this or what if that. I just thought I would have children that would have the same excitement and reach each season as I did. I was well on my way having gotten married and now the children were coming First we had Javiera who was a go getter and kept me on my toes. 2 1/2 years later we had Chloe who was this easy going chatter box. Along comes my 3rd pregnancy, more ultra sounds with concerns of the placenta. Due to these concerns they induced me 2 weeks early. August 19th 2008 we were grateful to God for the safe arrival of our little 6lb 4oz and 17 1/4 inch baby girl Neveah Joy Harder. Besides the nurses needing to assis