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Musings of a Mother

This blog was hard in coming together for me. I just had all kinds of ideas in my head  that just didn't come together right. I've done lots of journaling since I was about 10, but  you just can't be as transparent with the world as you can be with yourself. I will attempt  to share a little bit about what I believe the Lord has been teaching me.  (Source) First of all, I'm someone whose mind can go all over the place in a short amount of  time. I see way too many things I could be doing as a mother and wife with no time to  actually accomplish those things. So I try to do a little bit of many things. And I can't really  excel in any one thing. For me, it's a source of real frustration when I just don't know what  kind of mother I need to be. As I've been seeking for answers, I feel the Lord has been  trying to slow me down and focus on those things which are truly important. My  relationship with the Lord and my husband, the hearts of my c