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Divine Hindsight

25 days till Christmas.... 25 days till Christmas! Are you excited or does the thought put dread into your heart?  What a beautiful time of year and what a glorious reason to celebrate, the birth of our Messiah, our King, our Saviour.  On New Year's Day many people set new goals, evaluate priorities, make New Year's resolutions. I want to submit to you the importance of looking back and evaluate 2014 before we head into 2015. I think we can make wiser and better choices for tomorrow if we look back and remember and evaluate yesterday. With Christmas just around the corner and New Year's 2015 just beyond that, let's take a  moment and reflect on the past 11 months. Who or what inspired you, who or what motivated you? Did you have a purpose, a mission, a goal? We can't just let life happen and expect to reach our goals. You have to be intentional. How was God most glorified in this past year? What are you most grateful for thi