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My Story

I got saved right before my 13 th birthday.   I loved laughing, and I still do.   But, I carried this weight of loneliness around, even though I was surrounded with friends.   There was a void in my heart, and I didn’t know how it was to be filled, but I longed for it to be made full.   I was so young; I don’t really remember what I thought about God.   I remember always believing God was there and He knew everything about me.   I always believed the Bible was true and that there was Heaven and Hell.   Furthermore, I knew that God sent his one and only Son to die for my sins so that we could have eternal life.   The thing was it wasn’t personal.   I was young, and influenced by the pop culture of my day and my peers in school.   The girls at school loved talking about boys they liked, and experimented with wearing make-up and wearing fashionable clothes.   I felt so pressured to be like them, so I could fit in, and be liked.   Everyone wants to be liked.   Maybe that would fil