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February...........the month when love is celebrated on the 14th. But what is it? Do any of you know the history of Valentines Day?  If not, I would encourage you to look it up.  It is quite interesting to know where it came from, how it started and why we do what we do now because of it.  (Mind you, my husband is anti valentines because he says he doesn't need a man made day to tell him to bring his wife chocolate and  I don't mind because I do prefer surprises. :)  Now as I was preparing to write about this topic, I was having a bit of trouble and my thoughts were pretty scattered, but a friend of mine told me to use a spatula, scrape them together and get it done.  So this is what I scraped up ;). The more I studied and read, the more I realized how amazing love is! I also realized my understanding of love has been at best, quite shallow.  This is a poem I wrote in high school, that made me see that I had been questioning and searching for an