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Father's Day

One word that sums up who my daddy was; is “Unselfish”. He was so in love with our Jesus and in the way I could only wish to be like one day. When I think of how our heavenly father is, I see my dad.

The unconditional love, the mercy, the kindness, gentleness and forgiveness that God bestows upon me is how my daddy was to me. We are called to be Christ like, and I can say my daddy was the most Christ like person I ever knew.

Of course he had his mistakes, but the beauty of that was that he owned up to them ad openly confessed and asked for forgiveness. My daddy didn’t hold back when it came to being the best example of Christ. He loved my momma more than anything besides his Lord.

He cared for her and us kids as best as he knew how. He gave up everything for his family. My daddy worked so hard to raise us kids for the Lord and let me tell you I love Jesus! Father’s Day. I can’t imagine celebrating Father’s day without my daddy.

 I thank God daily for the 36 years that I was able to look u…