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“How wonderful it is, how pleasant,  when brothers live together in harmony.”  Psalm 133:1
We cannot control others’ actions, but we can control our own. Most of us have heard the example of the lady who is having a rough day and is snapping at the people around her, but as soon as the phone rings she answers with a sweet tone. I’m sure this has happened to most of us, and it goes to show that we can control our actions and words if we have sufficient motivation.
When I hear the word offended, I also hear the word choice. In my mind, to be offended is a choice, whether the offence is great or small, perceived or justified (meaning someone did something to intentionally hurt you). Somehow, most of us, without realizing it, expect more from our spouse, family, friends and church leaders than we expect from ourselves. As Christian women, taking offences seems to be a justifiable sin.Yes, I just called it a sin, and here’s why.
When you take in an offence, you are by default choosing u…