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This is My Story!

Jesus has been in my life for as long as I can remember. My parents made sure that us as children were soaked in Jesus and His Word. I accepted him as Lord of my life during evening prayer time shortly after I turned 5. I am so grateful that I did it at young age and was able to grow up in it.  I was homeschooled straight through school and as a homeschool mom now I can see what a super hard, time consuming commitment it is! I am so grateful that my parents made that sacrifice. In my teenage years I was very involved in our church's youth group, at that time God brought a group of young people who were so hungry for Jesus and were not satisfied with the status quo and kept going deeper and pulling those around them deeper and deeper into Jesus and his word. Looking back I can see how extremely blessed I was to have experienced that been surrounded with people like that at a critical time in my life. In last months blog post my sister Sherry talked about her commitment to cour