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Blessing the Sick and Widows

I was just a little girl when my mom would call me in from play, tell me to wash my hands and face and change my dress. She had a job for me. Bring a plate to the neighbors. On the plate would be whatever had been baked in moms kitchen on that particular day or a home cooked meal. My mom has always been a person that loves doing for others. Its a gift that she has passed on to us, her daughters. I can't ever remember her telling us to visit the sick, or prepare a meal for someone that needs it. It was simply learned by watching her do it. It was a normal part of our lives to give. We never had much when we were all growing up, but we always had enough to share.

I believe we all ought to be involved in blessing the sick and the widows.  (Galations 6:2. Luke 6:31. Luke 6:38. 1Thesssalonians 5:11. 1 John 3:17) I have a family member that has been really really sick for the past year and she's been in and out of the hospital more times then anyone ever should, and in the her tim…