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Get Real!

Over the past year or so, God has been showing me  about the power of words and the importance of being real to yourself and others. Being able to accept hard times in life and being willing to be honest about them and using them to help your brothers and sisters in Christ, even if it makes you look a little less like you got it all together. None of us really does. We need each other. It started when our second baby was born.   I had a hard several months with him being gassy and being difficult to put to sleep.   I caught myself constantly being concerned that I might come off as not knowing what I was doing and always having to justify or make a defence for a struggle when asked.   I would say things like, “ya he’s gassy today,” but would be sure to add, “but he is not always like this, he is usually pretty good.”   I remember hearing myself one day and realized God was telling me it was ok to not be ok all the time.   Someone tried to encourage me by saying I