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Life lessons from my experience living in three completely different parts of the world!

My name is Primrose Ndagire Kisuule. I’m a married mom of 4 kids. I was born and grew up in Uganda so a lot of what I am today reflects my upbringing. I got born again at age 14 at the Boarding school I attended back in Uganda. I met my husband Richard at University in Uganda and shortly after we started dating, he moved to the UK. I joined him 2 years later to do my Master’s degree. Another 2 years later, we got married. In total, Richard and I lived in England, United Kingdom for 11 and 9 years respectively. We also had our 2 boys, Nathaniel and Matthew there. 3yrs ago, we moved to Canada and settled among the Mennonites, a group of people we had never known even existed. How we ended up here is another story. I am not the blogging type but my prayer is that this small part of my story will bless someone. So here are some life lessons from my personal experiences. Life lesson 1: Double standards are as bad if not worse than shielding our kids from the secular world We are