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This is My Story

   When I was told of the theme of the blog posts this year, I was thrown for a bit of a loop. My story? Like what part? The whole thing? You want me to write an autobiography of my whole life? I’m too young for that. It didn’t get any easier as the year went on. My mind has gone back to it over and over and I’m still not sure how this is going to go. My story is so different and I feel often that my life is so un-relatable to many. But it is my story nonetheless, and I’m praying that God can use some part of it to encourage even one other person.    I was born the oldest of eight kids. Looking back, growing up at my house was pretty great. I was homeschooled from JK right through grade 12 and I always liked it. I know my mom made a lot of sacrifices to homeschool all of us but to this day, I appreciate it so much. There are so many lessons I learned from her that I can’t imagine ever having learned anywhere else. She taught us to ask why God allowed things to happen, not to simply