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Adoption Story

“I still remember the days I spent praying, for what I have now”
It was 20 years ago almost exactly...that I said my vows and thought life
would be like most fairy tales. I would be waiting at home with an
apron on for my husband to come home from work with his dinner on
the table. The home would be spotless and tidy and there would be
children running about in the most mannerly way. A perfect husband, a
perfect home, a perfect life with all the perfect children we desired.
Have you ever tried a Pinterest project with high hopes of it turning out
just as you thought it would? And than it was the most tragic epic fail of
your life?

Well, that's how my marriage was...I was....and my non existent Children

Once we were married, we tried to have kids right away. We waited
and waited. AND waited. Nothing. There wasn’t much more I desired
than to be a mama. And it was just not happening. My marriage
started to hurt, I started to hurt and my relationships started to hurt. It
was hard to be places …