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Home/Time Management

Our job as a homemaker is precious work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and never allow the enemy to come in and flood your thoughts out of your home and wash away your commitment to improve and be strengthened in your role as wife, mother, and homemaker.

                There are many things to consider when thinking about managing your home, and doing it in a way that will help maximize your time. There are constantly people and things that are coming in and out, not to mention all the things that are accomplished inside the house every day. Its no wonder things can so easily get hectic and messy, so we need to be intentional about our homes, have a plan and a healthy vision for your home. I would like to give you some advice, first of all on different rooms in your home, and secondly some recipes and products to use in and around the home.
The Bedroom- This is the first and last room that you see every day. Find a way to organize your closet to make it work for you and so you…