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Overcoming Anxiety

Even though it is February, I don't want to write about flowers, chocolates, and mushy lovey dovey stuff. I want to write about something that happens all year round to many different people. Anxiety! As far back as I can remember I had a fear of almost everything; from water, to dogs, to getting sick, I feared and worried about everything. Those fears only increased as I got older. One of the biggest things that sparked my anxiety was a sudden onset of some strange symptoms with my health. When I was 16 I started getting these episodes where half of my body would go numb, I couldn't see clearly or focus or speak clearly. I was honestly terrified but I didn't tell anyone. The episodes happened a couple of times a year. It wasn't until about 7 years later when I was married and had two children that I finally went to see a doctor. He sent me to get her an MRI and to see a neurologist. In this time I prayed a lot. "Be anxious for nothing,  but in everything