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Beep, beep, beep, as I open my eyes I realize it’s Sunday morning. Panic mode sets in. “Oh no, Sunday morning!” I scramble out of bed to get dressed and wake my children. Oh my, what to wear today? I hear my children already awake in their rooms. That’s great, one less thing for me to do. Maybe they’re already getting dressed. When I enter my daughter’s room I see that it’s not so great after all. My 4 year old is dressed alright, but you should see what she’s wearing! I hope she learns a thing or two about fashion and color coordination before she grows up. The war begins. How can I get her to change without a fight? Now to check on the boys. No, this won’t work either. My six year old loves to layer his shirts but how many times do I have to remind him that stripes and plaid don’t mix. Please wear the blue shirt in your closet or at least just one of the two you have on. By now I’m feeling quite frazzled. Why can’t they just put Sunday clothes on for Sunday? Why do I have to battle …