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Get Organized!

I’m a bit strange.

No, really.

I’m sure you never would have guessed, had you just looked at me, but I’m here to tell you, it’s true.

I enjoy organizing. Give me a huge pile of tangled yarn or a bulging cupboard that continually tries to spit it’s contents all over the counter when opened and I’m happier than a turkey the day after thanksgiving.

<heaves a deep sigh of relief>

I’m so glad to get that off my chest.

Does this mean my house is always perfectly kept? Not even close. But ask me for a light piece of patterned purple cardstock or a new bottle of peach soap and I can run and get it for you. 

I would like to make a clear distinction before beginning to share with you some things that have been a help to me in getting organized. Being organized and having a clean house are two very different things. Houses get messy if they are lived in. I’m pretty sure mine gets dirty even when I’m not in it very often. I like to blame the puppy. <smile> To me, being organized means …