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What are you AFRAID of?

I have a confession to make. I fear many things. I have a feeling you’ll be able to relate. Maybe not to everything I fear. But you likely have some fears too. I looked up the top ten things Christian women struggle with. The 3 from the top was fear. I wasn’t surprised.   I’ve always been a cautious person. And it has definitely never been said of me that I live on the edge or that I’m a risk taker. Never! I see impending danger behind every bush. (not a literal bush 😆 ) People that know me well know I gasp easily when I think the driver in the vehicle I’m in does not see the car in front is putting on the brakes. My sister Tina once said I would swerve and hit a tree if I saw a caterpillar crossing the road. (quite an exaggeration 😏 ) When the kids were little I would freak out if they walked too close to the stairs or a ledge. I could see them go down head first. And it did actually happen a time or two. I could not watch them climb a tree. I was terrified