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Warm Inspirations

So here we are, it's January, the cold winds are blowing,  we've got the medicine cabinet stocked, and Kleenex for those sniffly noses.  And in some cases struggling to fight off the winter blues. With the busyness of December behind us it's probably time for some major motivation and inspiration.  After all that turkey and stuffing, it would probably do us all some good to make January the month for soup. There are few other things that bring comfort like a hot bowl of soup can. Nothing quite warms a person from the inside out like a nice hot bowl of soup. Maybe a cup of tea but that's  not nearly as fun to eat as a bowl of soup ;)  Noodle soup, restaurant soup, sommerborcht, green bean soup, butta soup, bunte butta soup, hot white bean soup, sauerkraut borcht, tomato basil soup, beef barley soup, baked potato soup, corn chowder soup, shrimp soup, pisole soup, garden vegetable soup, pasta fagioli soup, minestrone soup, nacho soup, cream of broccoli soup, to