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“To Be Prepared”

Writing lists, setting calendar reminders in my phone, planning things ahead of time...these are just a few things I do to help me prepare and organize my day-to-day tasks. I don’t prefer last-minute planning; it makes me feel stressed. I like to have goals to accomplish and to check them off when I’ve reached them. I like to organize my time and schedule accordingly. I’m a list-maker like I’ve already stated. I like structure and smooth sailing. Don’t throw spontaneity at me. I don’t like having the boat rocked. Don’t you think God knows all this about me? He wouldn’t throw me for a loop hole knowing I would feel stressed and overwhelmed, right? WRONG. November 9, 2016 is a day that all my organizing/preparing was ‘thrown out the window’. Our precious son was born at 2:27pm on November 9 - a whole 5 weeks EARLY according to ultrasound dates, etc. My iPhone calendar was filled with things to do each week BEFORE baby Carter was to arrive. I wanted to get