“To Be Prepared”

Writing lists, setting calendar reminders in my phone, planning things ahead of time...these are just a few things I do to help me prepare and organize my day-to-day tasks.

I don’t prefer last-minute planning; it makes me feel stressed. I like to have goals to accomplish and to check them off when I’ve reached them. I like to organize my time and schedule accordingly. I’m a list-maker like I’ve already stated.
I like structure and smooth sailing.

Don’t throw spontaneity at me. I don’t like having the boat rocked.

Don’t you think God knows all this about me? He wouldn’t throw me for a loop hole knowing I would feel stressed and overwhelmed, right?

WRONG. November 9, 2016 is a day that all my organizing/preparing was ‘thrown out the window’.

Our precious son was born at 2:27pm on November 9 - a whole 5 weeks EARLY according to ultrasound dates, etc.

My iPhone calendar was filled with things to do each week BEFORE baby Carter was to arrive. I wanted to get food organized for the freezer, get our nursery completed, pack my hospital bag, and have two weeks to do whatever I wanted when starting my maternity leave from work. However, God had a different plan and He was fully aware that I was not prepared.

I DIDN’T have my freezer stocked with snacks and meals; I DIDN’T have my hospital bag packed; the nursery was still a mess from having just installed new bedroom windows the weekend before; I HADN’T even started my maternity leave yet.

But guess what? I’m managing WITH God through my husband, family, friends, and church! We have not lacked in anything physically or emotionally. We’ve had church family and friends bring us meals; our families have helped in whatever way we needed; and friends lent us newborn clothes that we were lacking since we expected our baby to not need newborn clothes for long at all (we figured he would be between 8-9 pounds at birth so he wouldn’t fit in many newborn clothes).

All of this just makes me smile in retrospect because God knew ALL ALONG when Carter would be born and how our lives would be thrown for a little curve along the road. He KNEW we would be dependent upon Him for strength and energy to get things organized after our son was born. And He KNEW we would be able to manage because our eyes were fixed on Him.

What I have learned through my experience is:
This lesson can be applied to our spiritual lives as well. We want to get things organized and prepared and accomplish items on our bucket lists. We plan our lives - where we will travel to, how many children we think we might want, who we want to invite over to our homes next week, etc. This is all fine and dandy because as Proverbs 29:18 says, “Without a vision, people perish.” It’s good to plan our future and to organize our lives accordingly. But Christ’s return is coming and it’s going to happen in a “BLINK OF AN EYE.” We won’t have our lives completely in order and all our bucket lists accomplished. But it won’t matter. What will matter is whether we have made God our Lord and Saviour and done what He’s prepared for us to do on this earth. Whether you’re prepared or not, He IS coming back.
But I encourage you, prepare your HEARTS for His return; don’t get caught up in the trivial matters in life.

Also what I’ve learned is, yes, I’m an organizer and like to plan, but I am thankful that He has shown me this lesson of focusing on the big picture and taking it step by step to make it through the challenges. I am able to do all things through Christ because He strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

So when we feel like the boat’s been rocked too much and we don’t understand how we are going to get back to calm waters; we need to remember to fix our eyes on Him. Allow Him to direct our steps and to guide us. We aren’t alone. We aren’t incapable. He has made us fully capable to endure these challenges in life.
Allow other people to help and don’t keep your struggles to yourself.

For I know the plans I have for you;
plans to PROSPER you and NOT to harm you;
plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.
Jeremiah 29:11

Eva Wiebe
Beacon Bible Chapel 

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