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Date Nights

In Pursuit Remember WAY back when you really had a crush on this cute guy? You would have butterflies every time he walked into the room, and you wished he would look your way. You started to wonder what you could do to impress him so he would notice you. Well that was a LONG time ago. Photo Credit: Esther Wiebe Since then, there has been many wonderful dates of getting to know each other. He pursued you, and in return you tried to become everything you could for him. There was romance, surprises, laughter, chocolates, cards, flowers, and special trips to town in hopes of catching a glimpse of this dashing young man. And then finally there was all the arrangements followed by that nervous and exciting “I do”. Shortly after that came the pregnancy tests, the nausea, the baby........and then another one and an another one. Life as a mother has started and you feel consumed by these precious little ones. They take up so much of your time, during the day and night. After