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Is joy the same as happiness or contentment? What is Joy and do you have joy? Where does it come from? Can we have joy in difficult times?

I love people. There. The secrets out. I just love people.
I really enjoy having one on one time with people. I love to see where they are at in their walk with God. If I can sit down with someone and find out where they are in their faith, I walk away blessed, and encouraged.

But what’s the real reason behind this joy that I find?
I’ll answer that yet. :)

I’m a pretty happy girl if I can take a drive to good ole Tim Hortons, or if I can have a relatively clean house, or if my children are having a good day, but that happiness is not lasting once the children start crying all on the same day or even the same hour. Once the house needs to be cleaned again (or you find out that there’s another whole area of the house that you didn’t get to), that happiness is soon turned to unhappiness. Don’t even get me started on if I can’t make it out to Tim Hortons (j…