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I love warmth. Fuzzy blankets on hand at all times, socks and slippers, fleece lined leggings that you can wear under pretty much anything, fingers curled around a mug of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. In these winter months I will do pretty much anything to stay warm. Somehow my children missed my cold genes because from my 6 year old down to my 10 month old I cannot keep a jacket or blanket on them willingly. The season of Christmas should be one of warmth; not only outwardly but inwardly as well! Here are a few ways we can stay warm inwardly this season. Be Intentional We tend to get caught up in our own lists and to-do’s that we miss out on what is most important. Take time to slow down and do things on purpose with a purpose! This is a perfect time to teach your children the importance of giving, whether its writing christmas cards, making and delivering baked goods to friends and neighbours, or packing an operation christmas child box! Make this time count! Lo