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Not In My Wildest Dreams

This is a synopsis of our first two years, out of twenty-two of missionary service in Bolivia.
When God delivered me from the power of darkness to a new life in Christ, it was nothing short of a miracle, it was nothing what I had done, it was only God(Eph. 2:1-10). He transformed my life from selfishdistasteful ambitions and gave me the desire to have fellowship with Him and glorify His Name.When wefound this new life in God’s word, I thought we were probably the only ones that had really found it, but soon after that we found dear friends that helped us grow, and growing we did, even our family and friends noticed it. 
Soon after we found salvation in Jesus Christ, we started helping to serve in the church in different capacities. Four years later a missionary couple came to our church and shared about the help needed at the Chorovi Clinic in the jungles of Bolivia. John and I both felt the Lord nudging our hearts to go and serve the Bolivia people. After all, we had promised God, we w…