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The Gratefulness Experiment

   I was asked in August if I would be willing to write a blog post for October. I immediately had the topic of Gratitude come to mind and started research. Then some shifting around happened and my little sister (whom I love very much) ended up doing October and I was given November. At first I thought I might need to find a new topic as the subject of Thankfulness is more suited for October but after discovering some of the things that I had, I thought it would still be appropriate.     Here it is.    Back in August I decided to find out how much showing gratitude was a part of my life. I began keeping a record each day of at least one thing that I went out of my way to thank someone else for. It wasn’t just supposed to be a verbal “Thank you” to the person who holds open a door or my husband for handing the butter to me at dinner, although those are very important. I wanted others to genuinely feel that I was thankful to them for specific ways of how they had benefited my