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God's Love Made Personal!

How convinced are we of the Lord’s love for us? How personal is it in our lives? Does he care what our feelings are toward Him? This past year was the hardest time of my life. I had gone through bouts of discouragement and anxiety before, but this one surpassed them all. Expecting with our fourth child, it started off a little rocky with inner fears and anxieties. But this quickly gave way to much bigger and deeper issues. I had always harboured anxious thoughts about God, wondering if He really did accept me and if Jesus really did love me, seeing as how I fell so short so often. But suddenly my shortcomings were so magnified I didn’t know where to turn. My mind felt like it was going crazy. (Source) I have always tried to have some sort of control in my life, but when this depression hit me, I was left with nothing. Empty. Stripped of my crutches I used to lean on. I felt like nothing in my life mattered anymore. I cried out to God for mercy, desperately searching the scriptu