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Joy! It has always been a favourite word of mine. Partly because it’s my middle name and I’ve made a collection over the years of quotes and anything really I can get my hands on that say Joy… including my daughter’s name “Joyanna”. But mostly because when you see and spend time with someone who is joyful it is like a breath of fresh air and you walk away feeling uplifted and encouraged. How does one get this joyfulness? Webster's defines it as “the source or cause of delight” So where does your source of delight ultimately come from? There are little simple gifts that make us smile, a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning, watching your child finally comprehend something you have been teaching them, a hug, a walk, time with a friend, a good book, a beautiful song. There are so many things that bring us satisfaction. But what about when you’re having a crummy day and you’ve warmed up your coffee 3 times already and it’s sitting cold again, nothing goes right, dinner burns,

Made for Community

  If you pay attention at almost any social gathering, you will most likely notice two different kinds of ladies. The first is a super social, outgoing, smiley, and friendly woman. She is at the heart of much of the talking and laughing that is heard in the group. If there is a social gathering happening, she is most likely going to be present and probably be the last to leave.   The second woman is not so easily noticed. She is quieter, may sit alone or with a very small group, and as soon as is polite to do so, you’ll see her heading for her vehicle.   We know enough about personality types (I hope) to appreciate the strengths in both types of women and so might conclude that some people are just happiest being alone and others need people. This is actually incorrect. God has created each of us to need community! There is a large difference between being social and participating in community.   The dictionary defines community as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as