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God's Soldier Advance on Their Knees

A friend of mine recently told me an incredible story of an incident that happened with her mom.  The story so impressed me that I requested permission to share it with you. But before I do, let me tell you a little about myself.  I’m the happy wife of an amazing man and the joyful (more sometimes than others) mother of four very busy boys. Before I got married, teaching was my mission; but prayer was my calling.   In my journey with God, He has shown me continually that His real work is done on my knees- that apparently is how His soldiers advance in battle- but over and over again I find myself distracted from it.  Maybe you can relate. photo taken is Oasis MX My friend’s story was just one part in a series of things that God has used to bring me back to His work done His way- that is prayer. Now for the story, Sara’s mom is a praying mom. She has told me on several occasions about the strength she finds on her knees.  One night she was awakened with an urg