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His Love Gently Fathering Me

Hello, hello! Why don’t you grab a cup of hot coffee and settle into a comfy recliner as I share my story with you today? Hi, I’m Nancy Guenther. I was born into an Old Colony Russian Mennonite family, as many (maybe most??) of you were. It was a large family. Isn’t that surprising? ;) By the time I was born, there were 7 of us: two girls, boy, girl, two boys, and me. I was followed by 4 more boys. I love having grown up with a ton of sibs. Looking back, I see that my life has been nothing short of amazing, although not easy. It’s not been absolutely awful either, but rather an incredible mixture of awesome and awful. Good and bad. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. I see the marks of God all over it, from the day I was born (quite literally) until today, the day I sit here and attempt to tell you about it. I really wish I could share the details of many of the events and circumstances, simply cuz God’s been so good and gracious in all