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Two Lives; One Identity

Looking back at my growing up years, I can see why I may have been confused about many things. We were the type of family that went to Mexico for the winter, and came here, to Ontario, for the summer.

In Mexico we went to school where we learned to read and write High German and learned to say the Katachism from memory. The general behaviour and way of living was vastly different from Ontario.

In Ontario we worked on the fields wearing the type of clothing everyone else wore for work, which was pants with a cap. Our hair was also styled and cut to fit in with those around us. We normally had a TV int he house, which was so different from Mexico where it would have been viewed as a sin. (I think it was here too, but maybe too available to resist) I remember there were Sunday's when we came home from church and my dad would throw the TV out because of the conviction; only to come home with another one a few weeks later. When the summer would drag into fall we had to attend public scho…