Happy Valentines Day!

The month of love! The month of romance! To me, romance isn't the same now as it used to be. Being married for 13 years and been blessed with 6 kids (+ 1 in heaven waiting for us), that word has changed meaning. It has matured, if you will. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, chocolate and candles. HOWEVER, I prefer a nice quiet Friday night with my husband, sipping our favourite beverage, having a snack, watching a video just the same:) The question addressed to me was "How do you keep your marriage life healthy in your busy season of life?" (Please note that I'm not a pro writer, so please ignore all the mistakes)

COMMUNICATION is a VITAL part of a healthy marriage. Find a time alone where the two of you can just talk. As you talk, be nice. Don`t use this time to attack your husband because he forgot to take out the garbage but use it to re-connect. (Don't forget to let your husband talk) My husband and I have set aside Friday evening, after the children go to sleep, as our time. We catch up on grown up things. (We do not talk all the time. Sometimes just being together is nice) We had the privilege of attending a marriage seminar at B.B.C. a few years ago. (not because we needed to but because we wanted to.....or so we thought) If you get the chance to go to one please do so and if you think "we don't need to go our marriage is fine" then you should definitely go. God used the seminar to open our eyes in the areas of marriage where we thought we were fine in. Knowing that you and your husband are on the same page will bring you two closer.

TIME ALONE is also key in a healthy marriage. Like I mentioned before my husband and I set aside F evenings for us. (It's not written in stone however it's not often that we skip it) We also have date night. We have arranged it with another couple that we take their kids and they enjoy an evening out and they take ours and we do the same. Win Win. It's a relaxing evening knowing your children are taken care of while you enjoy a little "us" time. We usually go for dinner and then roam the malls. Its nice to look at other stuff besides toys and groceries. It`s also nice to eat a meal without fries:)

And last but not least BEDROOM TIME. We as wives are to submit ourselves to our husbands. This is one area in our lives I believe we have a hard time doing so. As long as our husbands are not hurting us I believe we should not deny our husbands something that takes such little time and makes them so happy. It makes me sad hearing how married women will trade sex (with their husband) for something that they want. (forgive my boldness in this area but God has really put this on my heart. I do not want to proclaim self-rightousness but simply share what God has shown me in the last year.) Denying your husband simply because ``I don`t feel like it`` is not being submissive. I myself have struggled with this. Having children around IS tiring. However I would rather be submissive to my husband than have Satan win that battle. Here is also where communication is key. It`s sometimes hard to talk about sex to your husband (likes and dislikes) but trust me its worth it! And please don`t talk to your best friend about stuff that happens in the bedroom, that should be strictly between you and the one God chose for you! That's it! This blog is meant to be short , sweet and simple. There are a lot of other things that help bring the two of us closer however this 3 are KEY! God Bless!

Nancy Thiessen
Daughter of the King,
Wife of Jake,

Mom to Matthew, Andrew, Nathan, Athena, Leah and Elijah.

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