Happy Mothers Day!

May..... What a beautiful word! What a beautiful month! Spring is in full swing...well almost. And in May we celebrate Mother's Day.   

We all have something very wonderful in common and that is that we all have a mother! Not one of us would be here if we had not been "woven in our mother's womb." Psalm 139:13.... therefore  "I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made". Psalm 139:14. Without our mothers we would not be here. 

Some of us have been called to motherhood and some will be moms in the future. And what a privilege it is and what a wonderful calling to have. We praise God for the privilege of being created and been given life and that is very good and necessary but have we thanked our moms for taking care of our needs when we were helpless babies and for raising us. It's quite possibly the most difficult job in the world. We depended on them for everything. I'm sure we probably have thanked our moms for all they've done and told so them on Mother's Day. It is very likely, that they have done much for us that never got noticed and therefore never got any thanks. Much of the work a mother does goes unnoticed. So how can we show our appreciation for our moms?

We see advertisements every where. Have you seen them? "Celebrate Mom" (Bath and Body Gift Set) "Make Moms Dreams Come True" (a cruise) "Give Mom a Bright Gift from Teleflora" (flowers) "Mom Is Worth Every Scent" (perfume) "It's Mothers Day Off at KFC" (lunch) "Lettuce Celebrate Mom" (plant her a garden :-/). So there's no lack of ideas. 

My mom's most favourite thing that we could give her was the gift of time.
 Flowers were probably her next favourite. Tied for second favourite was probably taking her out for a meal if she was well enough or just bringing take-out to her house and eating with her. 

This is our first Mother's Day without her. But last year we spoiled her. She received bouquets of flowers and potted hanging flowers to hang off her front porch so she could enjoy them from her chair by the window. Often there were not enough hooks for the flowers she received. But where we lacked, where I lacked was in telling her how very much she was loved and how much I appreciated all she did for her family.

In this day and age there is tremendous attack on the importance of being "just" a mom and of being a full-time stay at home mom. In our circle of friends, family, and church family, we have been so blessed in that not many of us could testify that we have personally felt that attack. Most of us can say that we have been blessed to be able to stay at home and raise our own children without much, if any, opposition.

So we all have mom's although we are not all mother's. So for some the calling might be "Spiritual Motherhood". I know many women who have not been able to have their own children but have been able to influence children by being caretakers of children or teachers of children or have the opportunity to mentor young teens or young adults that need a spiritual mom in their life to talk to or need advice and guidance. What an opportunity and what a gift that is!
Here's what Beth Moore has to say on spiritual mothering. "God created every life to be fruitful and multiply, but this God-given dream represents more than physical offspring. I believe our dreams to have babies represent a desire to have fruitful lives, to invest ourselves in something that matters and makes a difference.....If God chooses for you never to have physical children, He is calling you to a bigger family! God purposely placed the dream of fruitful lives in our hearts. Oh, how I love the paradoxical ways our glorious heavenly Father works. Only He can bring gain from loss. Only He can make us more fruitful in our barrenness!" What a thought!

So regardless if you have a mom, are a mom, wish to be a mom, or are a spiritual mother of children, I hope that you are encouraged today!   --     

Margaret Reddekopp

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